April 23, 2015

Weasels and Bagels

I didn't post a poem yesterday! Oh no! I am a terrible person. What can I say, pre-finals week, end of my first year of college, no sun, and beginning of packing. There's a lot going on. I did, however, start to write a poem today and I guess something distracted me and I didn't finish so here's what I started writing. I know it's no good, but like I said, pre-finals week. 

Today I'll dive straight into a poem.

I am amazed at how the world can fall
at how my heart so quickly finds a wall
and all the peace I felt is washed away
I try to take life day by day by day

Now it's midnight and I should really be sleeping because I like sleep and it's very important to me and I stayed up past midnight last night too. But here's a poem:

There once lived a little lease weasel
who lived in a little brown box.
The weasel enjoyed eating bagel
and loved to curl up inside socks.

One day as the weasel was eating
he realized he needed some jam.
The taste of a bagel is fleeting
but lasts so much shorter than ham.

So weasel went out for adventure
to find some good jam for his bread.
He found a strawberry picture
and jumped till the roof hit his head.

The weasel danced up to his human
and pointed to strawberry jam
to make his bagel less bland
and therefore his day much more glam.

This is dedicated to my boyfriend and my failed communication at the end of our Skype date today. Still, even if it's just weasels and bagels, I'm so thankful for this guy who can make me smile so much even after such a long day.

I also got to Skype a great friend from Colorado and talk for an hour and a half, which was awesome and so refreshing to talk to her again. All this technology is a beautiful thing.

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