April 20, 2015

There is No Title Today

Today was the All College Reading, the last reading of the semester. I still love just sitting there listening to poems, even if I'm alone like I was today. Some of the poems were really great and I read a couple of mine and feel like maybe I'll be confident enough to turn in my portfolio, though I know I'll never think it's finished and I guess that is one of the beautiful and horrible things about writing.

I wrote a longer, more thought through poem today, but decided not to share it. It's been an emotionally rough day even if overall I can't complain that it wasn't a good day. Maybe I really am just that much of a child of sunshine that lack of sun really does make it that hard to smile. Today was rain and grey clouds, and according to the internet I can expect grey rain for the rest of the week as well. Oh well. Rain is beautiful in it's own way. In the meantime here is a not so beautiful rain poem.

There is No Title Today

The rain here smells like skunk.
I breathe in
and want to choke.
Maybe it's not the rain,
maybe it's the smoke from cigarettes.
Someone in my Concepts Class
proudly announced
he'd smoked a joint that morning
to celebrate April 20th.
I don't fit in with these college kids
and I don't want too.
The rain today
makes me feel too old.

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