April 27, 2015

Ungraciously- Matsuo Basho

I bragged about getting to go somewhere after church and garden and eat a non-cafeteria meal with a real family. Today allergies are making me question that choice. I really hate cats.

I finished my first final period and we stumbled through what felt like a painful presentation, but hey, maybe I learned something from having to share my final grade with a group. I still would rather work alone, hands down, no questions asked, but I guess I survived the group projects anyway.

After that and work and some more packing I tried to study for my Japanese final tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the study sheet really does just have mistakes in four of the questions. I know that isn't one of the sentence structures we learned about. I sat on the floor for a while sniffling and blowing my already Rudolf-status nose and trying to make everything make sense, but eventually gave up and started watching a documentary about Studio Ghibli in Japanese with English subtitles, so that it would count as studying...

Now it's only 9:30, but I'm thinking of taking a benedril and letting my body fall asleep. I did get miserably sick last finals week, so maybe it would be good to be extra precautious and make sure this allergy doesn't turn into anything else. Of course, to do that I have to reopen that suitcase I packed and zipped earlier today because brilliant me packed away the benedril. I thought I had done such a good job of making sure I had all the meds I would need in a different container. I guess I was just planning on stealing my sister's.

Anyway, before I sleep here's a blog post, and a poem not written by me because today I am sick and tired and have a complete lack of energy and inspiration. So here's a poem from a real poet:


Ungraciously, under
a great soldier's empty helmet,
a cricket sings

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