April 3, 2015

College Hugs

Poem number three. I actually wrote a couple with unsatisfactory results, and I'm still not quite happy with this one, but I need to put something up and this comes a little bit close. I think part of why I don't want to post this one is because I hate saying that I'm homesick again. I don't want my mom to read this and feel sad for me or worried about me or sad because she misses me too.

But I am getting through college and it's good. Today got up to the sixties and the sun came up and the wind went down and I walked down to the lake and sun-bathed with a few friends beside the lake. It was nice. It's good to know Spring is coming, even though tomorrow is predicted snow. Still... warmth is coming, and I have hope that the cold won't last too much longer.

I'm also getting closer to coming to terms with the classes for next semester even with a few anxious moments of classes not being offered and favorite professors leaving. I think next semester will be a good one anyway as far as classes go. And I got registered for housing, which is fantastic considering about 100 people got stuck wait-listed because my college doesn't know how to count.

Anyway, here's a poem for April 3rd.

College Hugs

I made a blanket today.

It doesn't feel much like home,
but it's soft,
and I can curl up and pretend like it's a hug.

Of course I don't want a real hug
from a real person
and I kind of pull away from touch today,
like I'm afraid of emotion.

I guess sometimes a mom-hug
just is not the same
and all I have is this blanket.

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  1. did you know Temple Grandin (autistic and brilliant) watched cows in a pen and, based on what she learned, invented a wooden hugging machine for herself so she could get calm? She kept it in her college room and let other girls try it out. People hugs did not work for her so much either.