January 25, 2016

Poetry and poetry and poetry

Oddly enough, one of my homework assignments over the weekend was to create a Tumblr account. I went through all the steps and tried to make this great site, because I've always thought Tumblr was kind of a ridiculous and pointless thing. (Like most of social media.) I don't understand what's different about it from, say, Pinterest. You follow accounts with things you like and share the posts you love. I don't get it.

But, I've decided that since I have to make this Tumblr account anyway I need to try to use it. So my plan is to create this poetry blog thing. I have such a hard time sharing poetry with anyone except my boyfriend, but I have notebooks and notebooks full of poetry.

Sidenote: I just recently bought a new notebook for poems. It's called a de-construction journal and it's spineless so it stays open really nicely. It has the best paper and the cutest cover and I've been dying to start writing in it. I have four pages left in my old poetry notebook though, so I'm trying so hard to practice self-control and not break out the new notebook yet.

I love writing poetry. It's the easiest way for me to think through things. It's how I understand life. How I decide what's important to me. How I share my emotions and my fears and my passions. So I just think it's ridiculous to have three full notebooks of poetry and no one to ever read them.

This one part of me is really optimistic and thinks I'll just become the most famous poet and publish all of my poetry, in which case I wouldn't really want to have my best work floating around online. But then at the same time I have all these poems that are good but not great. And even if I don't see any literary magazines accepting those poems I'd still like to share them with someone. So... Tumblr.

I'll see if I can gather up a following of fellow poet lovers. Maybe some of them will have awesome advice for me to improve those few gems that I don't publish online but save up for sending out to Lit Mags.

Also I think I've written about how obsessed I am with stars. My professor suggested I gather up all my star poetry and make a chapbook with a star theme. I absolutely love the idea and I'm so thrilled to have a project and a way to make all my star poems come to good use. A lot of them are just repeats, but I think there's some potential and I would absolutely love to have my own little star poetry book. 

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