April 4, 2015

Shadowed Pride

It's funny. I think three times today I sat down feeling crazy-inspired to write today's poem. I even had a title in mind for one poem: "Duking it out with the Devil" but as soon as I sat down in front of whatever writing device my brain just sort of dried up and all I wanted to do was take a nap.

Probably  didn't help that I washed my sheets and my bed is freshly made. It's been begging me to come sleep all day.

I learned a new board game today, called Wonders, and even though I was so confused and completely lost, I think it's a pretty fun game and I'm excited to try again at some point when I can actually stop and think about strategy rather than just trying to figure out how to play.

I also have an almost idea for the Shadow Whispers now, and I'm thinking maybe before summer comes up I'll have something to work with as a new attempt at making Shadow Whispers into a publishable piece of work. I'm not sure yet, but my brain has been pointing me back to the Whisperers an awful lot lately. 

Here, a poem in honor of them, it's not very good, and doesn't tell much about the story or the Whisperers or the changes I've considered bringing up, but hey: it's kind of a sonnet.

Shadowed Pride

We tried to beat them on our own.
We thought up plans, and trained our minds,
and waited, hid behind the stone,
until we could unchain the binds
that held our world in darkness caught.
we formed a team, courageous, strong,
and swift, unbeatable. We thought
our victory would end in song.

 And then our pride brought death like air
a silent paint that drowned us all
we cowered under made up stares
while waiting for the sword to fall.
And yet the Shadow gave us life
and saved our world from pride's dark knife. 

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  1. feels like a preface for a story we need to read