April 1, 2015

April Means Poems

Hey folks!
Guess what? Today is April First! (As marked by the dressers stacked in front of my roommate's closet and the stuffed version of her sitting on the bed with a ransom note for kidnapped stuffed animals.)

However, aside from pranks, April First means the beginning of Poetry Month. Last year I wrote a poem a day throughout April and then missed April 29th and was devastated. So this year I'm giving it another go, but with one pretty big adaptation.

I will be posting a poem a day onto this lovely blog. So most of the time I'll post whatever poem I wrote that day. But there's a good chance I'll write something I really like and may even consider publishing, in which case I will not put it up. On those days I'll probably put up another poem from some published poet to replace my own work, because there are just so many beautiful poems in the world.

So anyway, without further ado, the first poem of April 2015:

Growing Up and Doing My Own Laundry

Am alone today,
Just me and a camel, owl, knight, lizard, lego-ninja
Sitting here in this messy room
Wishing we could just stay kids.

Everything in adult life
Feels much too complicated,
Trying to eat dryer sheets
While I fold myself inside the washer
I never could quite fit.

But today there’s a list,
One of the many I scribble out every day,
To do today:
What I need to get done:
Do These:

And I have
Three out of twelve crossed off
And don’t want to do the rest.

I need to wash my clothes,
But three dollars is so much
And the basement is so far from the second floor.
I’ll do it tomorrow,
Or the next day.
Maybe this weekend.

It’s funny that a poem
Counts as work for this list,
But I guess I can’t complain.

I’m alone today,
And stuffed into adulthood
 that doesn’t fit
And that’s just how life is
And I don’t get to play with toys
And be a little kid.
I just have to watch the camel
And write this poem.

1 comment:

  1. I like the camel and the not fitting in the washing machine. Good start.