April 5, 2015


Hallelujah, Christ is risen! I am so amazed today at what my Kind did for me in taking my sins upon his shoulders so that He could die for my wrongs and come back to life, victorious over death. I spent the day in a flurry of flowery dresses, Easter eggs, chocolate, and cute bunnies and lambs. I love Easter and the idea of Spring and fresh life and new starts.

Today I have a poem about Easter. I'm not actually all that happy with the poem, but the formatting was a lot of fun and such a powerful reminder. My God is everywhere, and in everything, and crazy as it seems He cares about me and my silly struggles through college. He goes through them all with me.

So, here, a poem to my Best Friend, First Love, and the King of my Soul: Happy Easter!

 I'm Perfection
the gap pulls apart, tears Creator from creation
Eternal life falls away at a sin that brings death
 and a people once loved are abandoned to fear
Until He comes
Light becomes 
man with no sin
Faces death to
cross  the  gap
Bring the  light
back   into the
darkness.  sin.
He  is  victory
Death  has no
power  to kill.


1 comment:

  1. reminds me of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Remember "The World is Charged with the Grandeur of God"...?