April 10, 2015

Thesis Statement

I've written several variations of this poem and am still not satisfied, but oh well. I don't quite feel inspired to write another poem and would rather just watch some episodes of Parks and Rec and not do any kind of work tonight... so I'm just going to use this poem and hopefully eventually work on it until I come out with a better final version.

Thesis Statement

The first day of high school
you showed me the picture of a lock and key
and said to write a thesis statement.

Well, here's one:
(I made it through four years
and learned what you meant)
It takes someone great
to find the right key for a lock.

I wish
you could still be in Mexico-
without chemo therapy-
without cancer-
to keep finding keys.

Who else
will teach those kids
the power of words
the way you did?

1 comment:

  1. so from one not so expressive person to another: you made my day--my whole abruptly shortened school year, in fact.