September 29, 2013

Reviews, Nerds, and Chocolate Fondue

I have said before, and will probably say again, that I am a nerd. I even have a shirt that says "Nerds need love, too" and has a cute picture of a little nerd girl. (Actually I have two- one with the girl and one with a girl and a boy.)

I also love to write- duh- and love to talk about writing with other writers. Unfortunately, I don't have many writing friends, or any, really.

Some time ago, I really don't know how long ago it was that I joined, but I found a website called the Young Writers Society. I think of it a little bit like a Facebook for writers. You get to post your work and have it edited and reviewed by tons of other writers. I don't know how many bits of poetry or short stories I have posted there, and I'm sure my writing has improved because of that.

So I just Googled YWS, but this picture is one of the first that came up, and that is my poem! I wrote that, see my name there? Yeah. I was in the Literary Spotlight and someone took a picture and posted it onto this website.

But even more than my works being reviewed, I've reviewed a lot of works myself. I think it's such great writing practice, because it allows me to see what I don't like in other writing and then avoid it in my own writing. It trains me to focus on negative aspects of the things that I read so that I will also be more aware of those same negative aspects when I write. It works really well, and I love it.

Well, this Young Writers Society also has special contests and such. The Knights of the Green Room, for example, a brotherhood of writers who works hard to make sure that every work posted on the site gets at least two good reviews. I am pleased to say that I joined this knighthood and you can know refer to me as Knight Cailey.

YWS Knight

This weekend was the "Review Day" in which members divide into two teams and review as much as they can. Reviews can earn up to 150 points, depending on how long it is and how many previous reviews have been posted. I am proud to say that my Review Team won, and I passed my self-imposed goal of twenty reviews and instead wrote 24.

Keep in mind- that means that I also had to read 24 different pieces. Some poetry, one or two short stories, and a lot of novel segments. It was a lot of reading, and I must be insane for still being on my computer to blog about the whole thing.

Insane, or extremely nerdy.
 I just feel like I need to mention this site again.

And the chocolate fondue? Not much of a story there. Just prove of how much my mother loves me. <3

Oh- and the Whisperers, of course. I have about forty pages left to read. We're getting closer!


  1. Congratulations Knight Cailey on your reviewing achievements! I'll have to check out something you wrote.

  2. Thank you! And I would love it if you did; I never post any major works, but I have some bits of poetry and short stories if you ever feel like taking a look.