September 25, 2013

A Penny For My Thoughts

Sometimes I don't even know what thoughts are going through my head. I don't know if you've ever felt that way, where it feels like you are just thinking too many things and so they all cancel out and your mind ends up completely empty. And yet all the other thoughts are still racing around just behind that wall of emptiness, and you can't catch any of them. I think this feeling is frustrating. I like to go through my days with clear and concise thoughts that flow together in some form of organization with clear transitions from one thought to another.

Kind of like writing.

(PS: I've never been very good at the whole stream of conscious writing thing. Like I said, I like organization and clear formatting.)

So today I am going to attempt to catch some of my thoughts and force the little trains to ride on the right track in the right direction. Let's pray for no collisions.

Picture from here.

October is coming up, and it's coming up fast.

So what?

Well, a year ago, I first started writing Shadow Whispers in the month of October. I wrote for three months. Stopped and did major editing for three months. Gave it out to people to read for two months. Worked on draft three for two months, and am hoping to finish up with the fourth draft by the end of these last two months.

Which means I'll be done in a year.

And I get to send the Whisperers out to visit some publishers.

And then I'll probably need to go back through with a fifth draft, maybe even more.

The thought terrifies me. But it's also exciting.

I mean, what if I actually do get published???

I don't know why the idea of being published sounds so scary to me right now. Maybe I have it all wrong. (Come on, trains, I told you to stay on the right track!)  Maybe the thing I'm scared of is not ever getting published. But somehow, I think maybe the first thing was just as true as the second. Writing is just a scary process altogether.

Okay, switching trains completely. My dearest older sister's wedding pictures are out! She looked so incredibly gorgeous and amazing and lovely and happy, and she and her groom looked absolutely perfect together, even with a foot of height separating them.

(I wish I could post a picture for you, but unfortunately I was not married and do not have access to the pictures. Sorry!)

And the next train, S or W? As I mentioned in the "Pages and More Pages" page up at the top there, I'm reading Scarlet Letter for school. And for a project we are going to each wear a letter that represents us attached to our clothes somehow. And my first thought was W, but now I'm worried that a W is just too obvious. So should I represent myself as a Writer or a Storyteller? Any thoughts?

And here.
Hm. I don't know if I have any more trains left to jump on. Well, I'm sure I could find plenty if I dig around in my brain long enough. But none blog worthy, I don't think.

Oh, PE. We're playing football (which I have hated with a passion all the other years we played) but now all the "good" players are graduated, and I'm one of the oldest kids in class. And somehow, maybe just because I've played football every year for the last three years in PE, somehow I'm one of the better players. (What??! That NEVER happens. With any sport. Ever.)
But anyway, I'm the quarterback!! Yay me, right! Wish me luck, and pray that I don't make a fool out of myself, and can at least get one good pass.

And here.

Enough trains for today. I need to go and get ready for school.

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