September 5, 2013

Regarding Dreams

I believe that in many ways dreams are a necessary part of our life. We cannot move forward if we have no goal, no final destination. What is a journey without an end?

I believe that my unseen author has already paved a perfect path for me. My journey has already been traveled by him. However, I myself have yet to walk the road, or read the book. I'm stuck in this one little section of the road with my head spinning in circle as I try to figure out where I came from and where I am going.

I look ahead to the dreams that I know will carry me through. As I mentioned in my last post, the dream of going to England is one step closer to being fulfilled. Now all I need to do is gain the patience I need to wait until the time comes when I can leave.

A second dream is becoming a published author, something that I have not quite gotten a hold of yet. So, yeah, I submitted a few poems to an online poetry magazine which I have not yet heard back from. But other than that I haven't really done anything to reach this dream. Well, other than writing a novel and editing it four times.

Okay, so maybe I was a paid author throughout my elementary years. I used to write short stories and sell them to my teachers and classmates. And what teacher would refuse to buy a short story from a cute little third grader. You've got to encourage any academic potential, you know. Besides, for a few pesos extra I would include illustrations. And I could write the stories in English or Spanish, depending on what my audience wanted. I had different prices for different lengths, and allowed classmates to preorder a story with a specific plot or character or setting. It was a good business, and a got a whole lot of candy out of the deal. Maybe that's why I'm so addicted to chocolate now. It's all because of writing.

This isn't me. And doesn't even look like me. But, you get the point.

Hm. I feel like I'm rambling now. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. Honestly, I don't know why dreams are so important, and I don't know how my cute past self selling words is relevant to anything at all. But, rambling is part of writing, isn't it?

All I'm saying is that one day all of my dreams will come true, if they haven't already. So I keep on writing, and dreaming, and combining the two through novels and poems and stories.

It is, after all, a world of words.

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