September 7, 2013

How to Find a Quiet Place

This summer, I had the easiest time just jumping on our friend's ATV and riding off into the forest. I would stop at a quiet, shady clearing, hop off the ATV, and get out my laptop for an hour or two (or maybe three) of writing.

Let me tell you. That was fantastic. There's no better way to get inspired than by sitting in the grass leaning against a pine tree that smells like vanilla with the sound of wind and birds and creation echoing all around you. The only reason I ever went back to the house was because my computer battery has a rather short life.

However, now I'm back in Oaxaca, Mexico, and I live in the city. On the outskirts of the city, but city nonetheless. I can't just hike up a mountain to find a nice place to sit down here. I thought about going over to the "Deportivo" across the street, but a pool full of people just doesn't seem very encouraging to writing.

Usually I just sit in my room, and because I read out loud when I edit, I play the Piano Guys and Lindsey Sterling as loud as I can so that my family can't hear me talking to myself.

However, everyone from my dad's work is coming over for a board meeting, and I don't think they would like to have my music blaring in the background. I could sit on the roof,  but I think they would still hear that.

Basically, I'm at a loss. I am convinced that I need to go back and work on Shadow Whispers this weekend. I think I'll just have to force myself to read in my head and listen to music on earphones. It's such a pain, though- and I really meant to read the whole thing out loud.

(I hope you weren't expecting some advice on how to find a quiet place of your own. I wish I could help, but, as you see, I'm just as lost as anyone when it comes to getting away from all the distractions of life. I need to build myself a sound proof room sometime!)

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