September 11, 2013

How to Think Like a Boy

I know what you're thinking. "What is wrong with this girl, and why does she care how guys think?"

The answer, of course, brings you back into the pages and away from the girl that sometimes exists on the other side. You see, the Whisperers (all nine of them) each tell a chapter of the story at a time. And four of those Whisperers just so happen to be guys. The result: I need to figure out how guys think in order to write accurate chapters to represent them. Now it makes sense, right?

The first step to this I already explained in a previous post. Weapons. I went through a very tedious stage of discovering everything I could about weapons in order to learn how to write about them. I think I'm doing pretty well so far, though of course I haven't finished that stage of editing.

But I know there's more to guys than just weapons. Obviously. And only a percentage of guys even care about the weapons side.

So I asked my friend to describe his sister- everything he said was visual, which I kind of expected. Visual, and not very detailed. I may have to lower the writing style a bit for some of the guys...

I asked another friend to describe the room he was standing in. The first thing he mentioned was the bench he was touching, and the atmosphere of the room. He continued with things you can touch, too, like the benches and the walls.

And I asked a third friend to describe one of the other boys in class. The first things he mentioned were all achievement based. I also had expected that because of conversations about the differences between girls and guys in my Dating, Marriage and Family class. (Yeah, we have a dating class at my school. What?!! There are strange classes in Christian schools.)

So.... what I'm left with is the impression that guys are very visually stimulated. And rely heavily on achievements, especially when relating to one another, and are also more physical. Sound about right?

I hope so, because that's the turn I'm trying to make in these guy-narrated chapters. Although I am still talking to boys to try and get inside their heads, and the fourth draft has yet to be finished.

Still, the pages are progressing, and the girl on the other side is beginning to feel extremely excited about watching all the words come together so flawlessly.

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