August 27, 2015

Stone Airplane- Shel Silverstein

I am sitting on a strange bed in a strange room that is supposed to be mine. I spent my first night back in college alone, laying on a towel and covered in my roommate's little teenage mutant ninja turtle because my bedding is in storage and won't get to me until Friday.

This room is in a newer building, much nicer than my old dorm even though I'm still undecided about this idea of wood floors. I liked laying on the carpet in our old room. We have an order in to rearrange the furniture some, but sitting here I'm not entirely sure there is any other way to arrange. The room isn't tiny bit it's oddly shaped without leaving room for adjustment.

The part that gets me the most about this room is the window. There's this massive window that goes the whole length of my bed from mattress to ceiling. I first held great hopes for this window, but when I pulled open the curtain a little bit I was reminded that we live on the first floor. And from the view of grass starting right at the edge of the window it looks like our building must sink in a little.

So I have a view of students walking across sidewalks, or biking, or skating, or longboarding. I see the walls of the other dorms in our quad, the newer nicer, not-restored-Victorian-mansions dorms. I can already imagine drunk and high college students stumbling past my window at all hours of the night to try and get back to their rooms. Not to mention the massive amount of light that comes through this window. All the lovely street lamps lighting up the quad also light up my bed. Good thing I have a couple of other curtains to double block this massive window. Maybe if it's blocked I can imagine a better view outside.

I have a poem here from Shel Silverstein with a really lovely picture. I'm writing on my phone and can't figure out how to add pictures so maybe later. In the meantime here is the poem. I feel this way often after traveling.

Stone Airplane

I made an airplane out of stone...
I always did like staying home.

Short but sweet. I feel like I can never escape this idea of travel but after traveling I always think I want to just stay in one place and never fly again. Only, within days I already am building airplanes into everything I see and imagining where I could go to next.

I'm rather a fan of change most of the time, so as this year two of college begins I need to learn how to take advantage of the changes, the knowledge acquired last year, and I just need to learn to have the best year of my life. 

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