August 11, 2015


How can I write a post after I don't even know how long and somehow cover all the moments that joined to make up those unknown numbers of weeks. I don't even know what my last post was, and I don't want to go back and read it because I know I would get distracted and put off this post as well. 

I survived summer camp, ended with a week as a counsellor, simultaneously the best and most exhausted week of the summer. I loved it, loved the girls in my cabin (called Schrak), loved being able to listen to chapel with them, loved watching four of them give their lives over to a life of believing in God, the creator of the world and their savior. They may only have been nine years old, but they got it, and then reminded me how important it is to live with that passion and excitement which I often forget. Believing in God sometimes becomes a routine thing for me. I forget how awesome it is to know I live with a purpose. These girls reminded me. 

Still, if I have my way I don't plan on doing it again. 

That same week my parents finally made it to the same place as me. I can't tell you how good it was to eat meals with them, cry on my mom's shoulder when the day got really tough, eat grasshoppers they brought me from Mexico. It's just another reminder that home is a group of people way more than a place. 

I worked an extra week at camp doing kitchen duty as well as housekeeping, painting, and even setting up a million gazillion chairs for a wedding. It was pretty tough work as well with no breaks and trying to get permission to get off camp in the evenings to join my family at meals with various good family friends. 

But by the end of the week my crazy yet wonderful boyfriend finished his eighteen hour drive from Chicago to Colorado to come visit for a couple weeks. We've explored camp, played with styrofoam airplanes, hiked, watched movies, painted, and I don't even remember what else. It's been amazing. The perfect break after a long summer. 

Today we're headed off to laser tag and tacos al pastor. Every day is an adventure and I've smiled more than my cheeks can handle. It's incredible. A gift from the God who created this beautiful state and put me here surrounded by all these people who add so much color and so much joy to my life. 

Hm. I could keep writing but there's a lot to do and this post is already more than long enough. I promise the next one will include a poem. 

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