August 20, 2015


I just said goodbye to one of my favorite people on earth after the most fantastic two weeks together. We hiked mountains, played tons of card games, ate lots of food, went on fancy dates, found the coolest coffee shops, built airplanes, played laser tag, went shopping, and talked for hours and hours. I can't explain how happy I've been these last two weeks. It's the perfect break before the start of college and the end of this peaceful break.

I still get another week before I fly off, and I'm looking forward to the time with my family and old friends here in Colorado. My sister and I still have a nail painting date we've been putting off since it's not exactly something my boyfriend would find super entertaining. So this week will be a lot of fun.

But. That doesn't change the fact that my boyfriend is now on the way to Texas in a beat up little pink car which hopefully still has enough life to get out of the Colorado mountains. Even after assuring him I wouldn't cry I lost a couple of tears while we prayed for his trip, the upcoming semester, and the end of the summer and thanked God for the awesome summer we've had so far. It's just so hard saying goodbye, knowing that it will be so long until the next time we're together and then it will just be another short trip before months apart again.

We really did have pretty awful timing with this whole thing.

But I don't want to complain. We both go back to great schools perfectly tailored to our majors. His smart people, hard classes engineering school makes him smile like a fool and he can talk for hours about the projects he's done, 3D printer and gloves to let blind people see. I loved being able to hear him talk about it and watch his face light up because he just loves engineering so much.

And while he commented that I have a much quieter excitment, I am thrilled to be at a school where writing is a community and I'm not the weird one who loves poetry, but instead one of many. I have a couple of new professors and a lot of work ahead of me, but I feel ready for a new semester.

I'm not looking forward to the rest of the goodbyes and I wish I could keep all the people I love the most together in one place, but if God wants me in Vermont then I'm going to go to Vermont. No matter how scattered my family and friends may be, I know God is scattered along with them but also set and stable right beside me, no matter where I am.

I can't go far enough away to escape Him. 

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