May 28, 2015

Year after Year

It's great to have friends. This morning my sister and brother in law drove me down to another Colorado town to visit a friend and then start work at camp. (I am so so glad everything worked out so that they did get to drive me. At one point it looked like they would go camping in the opposite direction and I would be going down on the bus with all my five bags of stuff. Luckily they signed up for pictures at a church directory in this town, and I think maybe just felt kind of bad, so I got a ride after all.)

This friend I'm staying with for a couple days had been my friend for years. In fourth grade we ran around playing fairies at recess and when I left after one semester we stayed friends somehow. I came back in eight grade and we clicked instantly. It was like we'd never been apart- though we abandoned the fairies in middle school...

After a year I left again (it seems like I am always leaving somewhere) but this time we made use of Skype and email and when we rejoined in eleventh grade for a semester we knew everything that had happened in each other's lives over the gap. She knows all my friends from high school in Mexico just because of how much we talk. I know way more of the kids here in Colorado than I would otherwise because of hearing her stories.

Yesterday we were talking and she pointed out some event I'd gone to that I didn't even remember. We know each other so well, and seeing her again feels so great. I haven't laughed this much in a while. I can talk about the hard things that have happened and don't have to explain back story because she already knows it.

It's a fantastic bit of joy before starting camp and I am thankful beyond words. 

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