May 11, 2015

Dandelion Sunshine

I praise God for a wonderful day today.

I woke up at 7:30 and got to lay in bed and watch the sun filter through my window because as frustrating as not getting a job is, it also means I don't have to do anything for a few more days. Eventually I made it downstairs for breakfast and tea and then read some more Wuthering Heights by a window full of sunshine.

Have I mentioned that I love sunshine?

Then I got to call one of my best friends from high school, talk to my sister for a while, call my wonderful boyfriend, read some more, and eat a picnic lunch outside in the sun. My sister and I laid in the dandelion dotted grass for around an hour soaking up the vitamin D and then went back inside and painted each other's finger nails and watched some old tv show about aliens living on earth...

At three I interviewed for a night audit at one of the hotels in town, and came back nearly panicked because I could get the job and I don't want to settle for a job that puts me, the girl who sleeps nine hours a night behind a desk from 11pm to 7am five days a week.

I then frantically called my mom, who calmed all my fears in a couple seconds of conversation and gave me advice for what to do next. Then we talked about relationships and people and college for about an hour. I didn't say anything yesterday about Mother's Day, but I was reminded again today how lucky I am to have the mom I do. Seriously, my mom is amazing. I miss her so much but I love this technology that lets me hear her voice from across countries.

After a lot more reading in the sun I cooked Enchiladas for my sister and her husband while continuing to be amazed at how this technology can keep me connected to my college roommate still in Vermont, my boyfriend, other college friends, and high school friends and even a friend who's been around (though rarely ever in location) since fourth grade.

But one of my favorite moments was sitting down tonight while my sister and her husband went for a bike ride and pulling up a new Word document. I sat down thinking I would write a letter to those Whisperers from that fantasy novel I've been considering rewriting, but instead I found Equity Blue talking through my fingers pointing out yet another way I could tell the story.

So now I have three more pages of notes and a new idea of how to write down this story I've been dying to tell for more than four years now. I'm so excited to plan out ideas this summer. I'm thinking that I'll do outlining and note taking these next few months, and if my inspiration continues then by the time I go back to college I will have a story at my fingertips ready to be typed up, and maybe my fiction workshop class will be the place where Equity Blue finally finds life.

I'm so excited that I don't even have a poem to put here, and I heard my sister saying something about Full House coming on in a few minutes....

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