May 13, 2015

My Eyes are Raining

I've decided to challenge myself to write something on this blog on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Three days a week shouldn't be too impossible, right? I'm sure once I get a job (if I get a job. I'm reduced to applying to Wal-Mart, City Market and McDonald's...)  writing might get a little harder, but as long as I remember I think I can do it without a problem.

Today was a lot of board games, a "product party" for a product I can no longer remember the name of, the movie Totoro (in Japanese so I can practice), the beginning of the second book on my reading list: Wizard of Earthsea, a grocery shopping trip, and a phone call with my best friend. Despite still not having a job and not getting the phone call back from the internship position which I was really hoping for, I had a really wonderful day, and it was only partially due to the fact that I bought a new skirt yesterday and I always feel a little better when I look cute. Hm, is that too vain to put up on the internet?

I've also decided that in some ways this blog has turned very much into a poetry blog, so I'll try and include poems in my posts. I have yet to decide if I want to include a poem in every post, though. I'll see. For now, here is another attempt at a Pantoum. This style of poetry is kind of haunting me and I just can't seem to get it right.
Also, disclaimer, aside from just not sounding good, my pantoums also tend to turn out rather needlessly sad. I'm not sure why. I really did have a good day, I promise. I haven't cried at all in the last three days, which is actually really good. I know, I know, I'm kind of a crybaby. I didn't even cry in Totoro, though, and that's a sad movie. So this is one of those cases when the speaker of the poem is not the same one as the writer. The end. I'll stop rambling.

the light touch of rain
draws the drops from my eyes
pulls up old strands of pain
and the echos of cries

drawing drops from my eyes
my tears tempt me
with the echos of cries
to be drowned in my memory

my tears tempt me
to lose sight of the sun
to drown in my memory
and forget what you've done

to lose sight of the sun
means to choke on my grief
and forget what you've done
and forget my belief
I mean to choke on my grief
pull up old strands of pain
and forget my belief
in the light touch of rain

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