October 11, 2013

School Life Outside of School

Sometimes I wish I could change certain parts of my life.

I mean, I've been so busy, but not hanging out with friends. I mean, today is Friday, right? And we didn't have any school in order to celebrate something. (Maybe Columbus Day, maybe Canadian Thanksgiving Day, maybe the teachers just got lazy. It all depends on who you ask.)

But anyway- a Friday with no school. Should be super exciting, right? Want to know what I did?

I woke up at 8:00. There's my first problem. Why did I not sleep in? Good question.

At 9:30 I headed over to the school. (Yes, there was no school. But I went to school on a Friday anyway.) And helped Student Council paint a bunch of blocks of wood that we'll use in the Fun Fall Festival- a traditional carnival sort of thing my school does every year.

We painted until around 12:00 or 1:00, and then headed across town to help with the Junior Senior class garage sale. That ended about 2:00, and I decided to stay at a friend's house for a while longer before going home, but I didn't think to call home, and my mom showed up to pick me up a couple minutes later.

So after a little "I-never-get-to-hang-out-with-my-friends-I-don't-even-have-any-friends-why-does-everybody-hate-me-I'm-so-hormonal-and-way-overreacting" breakdown, I took a long shower and then went to go get crepes and coffee with my mom.

And now I'm home- still feeling a little bit sorry for myself- and wishing I could at least watch a movie. But we have a pathetic movie selection, and the guy's action racing movie that my dad rented doesn't sound appealing. I'm emotional and lonely, I need a chick flick, not an action, duh!

Oh boy. I guess my rant is over.

On the plus side- since there's always got to be a glass-half-full side of things- I did write a satire about technology, and a blog entry, and did some reviews on that writing website I mentioned way back when.

And I have been reading, a new John Green book called Looking for Alaska, and while it definitely isn't as good as The Fault in Our Stars and I don't think it will make my favorites, it's still a good book and an interesting read.

So yeah. The end.

Ugh. And I'm too lazy to even add in pictures like I normally do. Well, actually, it's not laziness, it's just that we're about to start watching that guy's action racing movie.

Okay, okay, now it really is the end. (Except, "okay", Fault in Our Stars, I'm going to cry again!)

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