November 17, 2013

Coffee Shope Watching

I love sitting in coffee shops.

My parents have been gone all week, and I've been staying with my calculus teacher for the week. (Seriously, how often must I be reminded of my nerdiness?)

And today we decided to head over to a coffee shop to get some work done without distractions since we both had so much we needed to get done.
(And no... blogging is definitely not a distraction... this is work, somehow...)

Anyway, I wrote an essay pretty quickly and changed the font a bit to make it fit into two pages, and then I wrote a poem before starting on the second essay.

And then I got distracted people watching.

See, there were so many interesting people there, like the American and Asian couple, and the woman with all the tattoos, and the Canadian, and the woman with the Mickey Mouse shirt, and the awesome guy who knew just about every single person who walked into the café. He spoke to each person in whatever language they spoke, English, Spanish, French. I overheard (eavesdropped) him talking about Russia and Guatemala and Paris, and I am so jealous of all his travelling!

See, I am one of those people that loves travelling and has travelled a lot. I admire anyone with a global perspective and enjoy seeing people that know what the world is like and aren't stuck inside a box. I can't imagine living in the same country my whole life.

I mean, I'm planning my trip to England, and hoping for side trips to Germany, Sweden, and Paris.

I've visited Costa Rica, Peru, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda.

I'm going for more.

I love to travel, and I love the mix of languages and cultures that combine in coffee shops.

In fact, the girl behind me is saying that she's from Holland, and the man talking to her has a peculiar accent, so I don't think he's from the USA, and they're talking about Spain.

I just, I love to see the mixture, because I myself am such a mix of cultures. I like to see that the rest of the world is blended together, too. It's no fun staying in one place being the same person and doing the same things. You've got to step out and do your own thing and see the world!

A quote from the beginning of Fahrenheit 451- my current read:

"When they give you ruled paper, write the other way."


  1. Yes travelling is indeed awesome <3 Ooh someone from Holland like me! Where are you from? You've been to some pretty amazing places already O.o

  2. You're from Holland? So jealous. :D I was born in Colorado, but I live in Mexico.