September 5, 2015

College Expectations

"We're like real college students now!" I told my roommate as we rode our bikes around a section of the lake just beneath our college. The temperature was perfect, barely hitting the 70s with a light breeze and enough remaining sunlight to still warm the insides of my body. I was so proud of myself for getting out and doing something, enjoying this Summer Vermont before it changes. We even managed to catch the sunset as if fell behind the lake, an amazing array of oranges and reds on top of all the shimmering blue.

Beautiful even with the swarms of gnats I kept biking through and the end stretch of uphill on crowded city roads. I like biking on the nifty bike trail. Biking in the city not so much. Burlington just has way too many hills.

Then Saturday morning we took the college's paddle boarding trip, which apparently also included kayaks. So we kayaked out across the lake to this little rock outcropping. I did jump off the rock, probably between ten and fifteen feet up, though I'm really bad at gauging distances and measurements. I'll tell you though, it was one of those moments I knew I would regret not jumping but really didn't want to jump.

I did jump, and had that moment in the air looking down at the water wondering "how in the world did I get here?" But it was awesome, and I'm glad I did jump even with a mouthful of lake water in my nose and ears.

We switched to paddle boards on the way back, which were a bit more difficult and I was starting to get tired out and sore, so by the end I would have to say I found kayaking more enjoyable. You don't have to think about it as much, and get more time to just sit still and look around without worrying that a wave will wipe you off your feet.

I got back from paddle boarding just in time to be swarmed by all my writing friends telling me they had all decided we would get together and work on our short story assignment. I had missed all the planning in the over fifty texts sent while I was on a lake and my phone was in a drawer back in my room.

But... I went with them and we talked a lot and laughed some and wrote a few sentences. Actually I wrote a full page while we were there, so, progress. It's just so cool to have friends who will sit in a room and write with me. The sound of four people frantically typing up an assignment we all hate but also all know we're actually enjoying is just so satisfying. It's kind of a sense of belonging, you know?

I concluded the day drinking Chai with my friends and Skyping my bestie. I know tonight I should be finishing that story, or applying for a second job, or something productive, but instead I just needed to write about this weekend. Document the fact that college isn't all bad, and so far this year I've had a lot of chances to enjoy the fun part of college and the beautiful part of Burlington. It's good. I have high hopes for this upcoming year.

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