April 7, 2014


I leave tomorrow. Yikes.

Now is the last minute making sure I have everything. Not that it matters since I don't really have a way of getting anything that I don't already have.

However, this whole idea of leaving so soon would be easier if I had a way to talk to people back in Oaxaca. Trying to communicate over facebook with my mom isn't working at all.  I don't know if my grandpa's computer is just awful or if my mom is ignoring my messages even though she messsaged me first so I know she's there. Oh well. Maybe she'll figure out the facebook isn't working and just call.

Well I guess all there is to do now is to stay calm as I count down to hours to my first flight. That and writing in my blog and my journal as well as the NaPoWriMo poem of the day. Oh wait, I already did that. Another poem can't hurt, right?

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