December 15, 2013

Head-First Into a New Adventure

Book two now has fifteen pages written, and I am so excited to finally be back with my precious characters. Sure, four years have gone by since the first book, Shadow Whispers, and the Whisperers have certainly changed a lot. I mean, I'm not sure if Mortiod is going to make it; Briaka will have a lot of work cut out for her trying to cheer him up.

However, Shadow Remnants is up and running, and you have no idea how happy it makes me to have that book started and know that I'm back to writing.

I won't lie, there is a lot I still need to fix up in the first book. I do need to get that fifth draft written, but in the meantime it's nice to work on something at least.

Plus, I've been on a couple of dates since my last post here, and it's so nice to just talk to someone for hours while playing a super nerdy board game and taking up two tables at a coffee shop because the game took up so much space. It had been a while since I'd smiled that much.

I also am finally done applying to colleges. That's a lie. I still have one that I need to finish. But... well, I'm a lot closer.

And I cleaned my room today!
Ignore the random milk carton in the corner. There's a story behind that. And yes, this picture is actually mine!

And I graduated from high school! It was an interesting ceremony, since I happened to be the only graduate, but I had so much fun. I survived the walk down the aisle without tripping, got through my speech without problems, and got my diploma. Unfortunately I still have to go to school next week to finish up my finals. But... I'm graduated!

Isn't it so exciting? I'm holding my diploma of graduation. Wow. I'm graduated!

So, there you have it, the crazy events and the most exciting fact that I am back to writing Book Two. Wish me luck and speedy writing.

Oh, plus I got to watch the Hobbit! Such a good movie, I love the Lord of The Rings!! <3
Yeah, he's my favorite, for sure!

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