January 3, 2016

A New Year

Welcome to 2016! I am hopeful and excited for this upcoming year. I have great faith that it will be absolutely wonderful. I even have a feeling that this will be a great year for me as a writer. I'm slowly gaining confidence to be able to submit work to lit mags, and I'll be starting a lit mag of my own this year. I'm stoked. Plus, my mom is getting published this year, which is awesome.

Of course, it's also going to be a busy year. I've spent the past two days sitting around watching TV all day and reading, but I really don't think this start of the year will be at all indicative of the rest of the year. Next semester I'll be taking six classes, working two jobs and running a literary magazine. I'm not completely sure if I'm just an overachiever or if I'm actually just a fool.

So, I'm really not one for resolutions. I think the whole idea of resolutions sounds like an excuse. Like, if there's something you want to change just change it. Don't wait for the new year. But... I'm going to write out some goals anyway, so that if I get bored at some point this year I can look at this post and be reminded of what I hoped to accomplish.

One: I'd love to have a poem published. Which means that I need to seriously work on poetry editing and I need to continue to build up that confidence and actually submit poems to be published.

Two: I'm going to be more intentional about this whole happy thing. I've been working on this one for years, but it's a continued goal. I'm going to keep working on optimism and looking at the bright side and finding reasons to be joyful.

Three: I really want to get more involved in my church. I'm hoping this year my schedule will work out so that I can join a small group. I just want to really feel like I'm a part of my church family.

I guess I should have thought about this more before writing. I can't think of anything else. Oh well, I tried. Here are my fabulous New Year's resolutions.

Now I get to go pack because one of my closest friends is coming to pick me up for a few days. I'm super excited. At some point I'll need to write a post about this Christmas break. I've been all over the place. It's crazy. I'm going around in circles. It's been great, but slightly chaotic and very bad atmosphere for writing.

Ah well, happy new year! 

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