May 18, 2014

Capernwray At Last

I have to admit that Capernwray has been a tiny bit overwhelming. I mean, there are so many people and everything is just so incredible. I've been here about three days now, I think, and I don't think I'll ever get used to this. Of course I don't want to, either. I love walking out of my room and having my breath stolen by the green and the rabbits and the lambs and the birds.

The lectures are, well, lectures, but I love being able to study again. I was surprised by my own nerdiness because taking notes again made me so incredibly happy. I just love writing so much, and even if I'm just writing down information about Deuteronomy and Interactive Groups I still love putting words down onto the page.

So I feel like I should explain the Bible school or tell a story or something. I guess I'm a bit distracted tonight though. I've gotten online most days for a few minutes to get little bits of Oaxaca, but I haven't done too well and it's hard to connect my thoughts in a crowded room with a lot of other people all skyping and writing and trying to keep up with everyone.

Basically I'm making a lot of friends and learning a lot and it's all been great, just a lot to take in. But I'm loving it so far, even if it's weird just constantly meeting new people and trying to figure out how to make good friends and not just a ton of acquaintances.

But my roommates are awesome and I love talking to them and hanging out with them. It's such a fun room and I have a feeling these next two months will be great. I just need to remember to read all of the Bible chapters I'm supposed to and keep up with my poetry (which I have done a great job keeping up with, by the way).

Ah, I really just cannot think properly to write, but at least here's an update of some sort. Eventually I'll get back to it and write a better story or something, I promise!!

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