February 13, 2014

Writing Extravaganza

I am currently sitting at a hotel for the San Miguel Writer's Conference, and I feel so accomplished to be here. There's just something about being in a place with hundreds of people who all have one thing in common: writing.

Somehow that just makes it seem more real to me, like, "hey, I'm a writer too. I have a manuscript and several drafts. I belong here."

Of course I also don't belong here at all, because the vast majority of people here are much much older than me, and I am pretty sure that most of them do not write young adult fantasy. Then again, this people never cease to surprise me. I mean, today there was that guy who writes satirical vampire novels told from the point of view of a cat. Hm.

And then that guy who exposes art or something and told me to self publish, and the old people who try to make every story sexual, and the crazy old ladies with weird eyes that make me want to jump in a hole. And there is no shortage of strange outfits, from fur vests to leggings to ridiculous stripes, I can look around in any direction and be surprised.

My mom and I got here last night and today was our first full day. We had two workshops and I already have a list of changes that I need to go back and work on for Shadow Whispers. I hope it's okay that I was daydreaming about my novel instead of paying attention...

Speaking of novels, book two now has 130 pages. Wow. Honestly I'm a little bit amazed at myself for all of this progress. I just have to say that I'm really excited to get this written. I don't entirely know what it is, but there's just something about words that makes me fall in love with writing a little bit more everyday.

Speaking of falling in love, happy valentine's day tomorrow! I celebrated early, on the 11th to be exact, because, well, I'm here and the guy I like is not. So we went out for coffee on the eleventh and he bought me a bouquet of colorful roses and came over to my house for dinner. It was marvelous, and those are the most beautiful roses I've ever gotten, and from the most amazing guy.

Okay, okay, done with the cheesiness. Sorry! Anyway, hopefully before too long I can pass on some tips from this conference. I'm sure I'll learn something new from all of these workshops, something blog worthy. Until then, happy writing!

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